TTE700 upgrade turbocharger for Audi TTRS/RS3 8S 8V2
TTE700N upgrade turbocharger for Audi TTRS/RS3 8S 8V2


Based on the original BWTS series charger, TTE builds a motorsport charger of the latest generation, which delivers over 700 hp. The compressor wheel is exchanged for a milled aluminum wheel with the most modern geometry. Due to the larger and more modern turbine wheel, the exhaust back pressure drops and the performance range of the turbocharger is expanded even more.


Since this charger is based on the original part, all connections such as downpipe, lines, etc. still fit. It is therefore a plug & play solution.This turbocharger can be exchanged or delivered as a new part. Please note that further modifications to your vehicle are necessary to achieve the specified performance target. For example, the exhaust system and charge air cooling have to be modified. Talk to us, we're happy to help. If your turbocharger is already thermally insulated for a conversion, you will of course also receive a turbocharger with insulation. The surcharge for insulation only applies if it is to be retrofitted!


The designation of the turbocharger also indicates the maximum performance! As an example, a TTE350 creates about 350 hp and a TTE350+ a little more. However, further modifications to the environment, i.e. engine, intake, AGA, etc., are often necessary in order to achieve this performance target. Please contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help.


The conversion is only possible if a working, original TTRS 8S charger is delivered!

TTE700 upgrade turbocharger for Audi TTRS/RS3 8S 8V2

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