TTE8XX turbo VAG 4.0 TFSI

Voor 4.0 TFSI motoren (RS6 C8, Lamborghini Urus, etc.)


Key Points:


• Original Genuine BorgWarner turbochargers as the base part
• Original Genuine actuator
• Original Genuine Diverter
• Upgrade BorgWarner Billet Milled compressor 6+6 Blade
• BorgWarner Turbines clipped
• Plug and Play installation as IS38 turbocharger
• Very Early Response & Spool
• 800 PS+ Capable
• Proven TheTurboEngineers quality
• Single parts finely balanced then components assembled and core high-speed VSR balanced
• Supplied with a balance test result document
• Made in Germany



• Air Intake Systeem  
• Downpipe  
• Intercooler

TTE8XX turbo VAG 4.0 TFSI

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