TTE6XX turbo Toyota Supra B58B30

TTE6XX hybrid turbocharger based on the original Supra turbocharger

For the production of the TTE6XX upgrade turbocharger, TTE uses a special, milled 7+7 compressor wheel of the latest generation made of high-strength aluminum and very thin blades. Not only is it larger than the standard part, it is also equipped with extended tip technology. It therefore promotes significantly more air mass and still responds very early. The standard compressor housing is machined with a CNC milling machine so that it can accommodate the new wheel.

The 9-blade turbine wheel undergoes the tried and tested abrasion by TTE, the so-called clipping. The ends of the turbine blades are rounded off to a specific contour, which increases throughput, reduces the load on the turbine and thus reduces exhaust back pressure.

The 360° bearing used ensures a higher resilience. The standard pressure cell of the wastegate is adapted to the new environmental conditions by being equipped with a stronger spring. With the TTE brackets, the spring rate can even be further adjusted by the owner if this is desired or necessary.


The extremely precise balance of each TTE turbocharger is a key element for the longevity, the sound and the function, which is why TTE attaches great importance to this process. Each individual component is initially balanced in several levels at up to 2800 rpm. The core group is then assembled and balanced dynamically, again on several levels at up to 250,000 rpm. At TTE, this process takes place on a VSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) balancing machine. Each turbocharger is accompanied by a balancing protocol, which you can use the serial number to clearly assign to your TTE charger, and which you can trace at any time with which values ​​your turbocharger left the factory.


- Latest TTE compressor geometry with 7+7 blades
- Latest TTE turbine geometry 9-Blade
- Modified compressor housing with CNC-milled inlet
- Optimized bearing and running clearances
- Reinforced TTE 360° motorsport bearing
- Modified pressure cell
- Rotor in several levels, dynamically balanced, with protocol
- Power of over 600 hp possible
- Installation on original position
- developed, produced and built by TTE

TTE6XX turbo Toyota Supra B58B30

Productcode: TTE10351
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